Truck SVR

Starter batteries.

Truck SVR (Super Vibration Resistance) is our newest battery designed for trucks, Construction machinery, agricultural machinery and special-purpose vehicles, which are equipped with additional devices that require more power.
Truck SVR is a completely new construction where application of SVR (Super Vibration Resistance) technology allows the battery to operate in the most unfavorable conditions in which the battery is subject to maximum vibration and damage.

trucks, buses, heavily-loaded vehicles, construction machines, agricultural machines

  • special anti-vibration pads in each cell are glued and welded to the lid
  • new grid design with changed geometry and thickness
  • modified construction of interlocking connections
  • new pole design and reinforced pole ridges
  • envelope separation reinforced with fiberglass
  • Kamina lid type with system of labyrinths for central ventilation, which accumulates gasses inside the battery
  • fire protection
  • very high vibration resistance> 3 x V3 according to PN-EN 50342
  • very high cyclic E3 / E4 according to PN-EN 50342-1
  • dedicated for use in vehicles with battery located in the rear part of the vehicle
  • long battery life even in extreme conditions
685 00
- Capacity: 185 Ah
- Starting current: 1100 A
- Voltage: 12 V
- Dimentions: 513/222/195
- Box type: D5
- Series: Truck SVR
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725 00
- Capacity: 225 Ah
- Starting current: 1150 A
- Voltage: 12 V
- Dimentions: 518/274/216
- Box type: D6
- Series: Truck SVR
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