Catalogue number: 550 05

Series Carbon Photo
Capacity 50
Starting current 450
Voltage 12
Terminal layout 0
Terminal type 1
Base hold-down B13
Box type L1
Cover type SL/IV
Fire protection TAK
Magic eye
Dimentions: 206/175/190

550 05
550 05
START-STOP Carbon EFB batteries are intended primarily for vehicles with the START-STOP system. They are also ideal for ordinary cars as premium class batteries. Their failure-free operation, high durability and excellent electrical parameters have been achieved due to the use of thicker electrodes made in 3Dx technology, the implementation of an innovative method of seasoning and the use of modern carbon additives. In response to dynamically changing market conditions and an increase in drivers’ expectations in the field of technical parameters of batteries, Department ofConstruction and Technology of ZAP Sznajder Batterien S.A. developed a new line of START-STOP Carbon EFB batteries.

Main features that distinguish the START-STOP Carbon EFB battery group are:
  • spatial structure (3Dx) of electrode materials’ carriers,
  • high corrosion resistance obtained thanks to the special plastic forming of the lead tape, i.e .: 6-fold rolling and 7th stage of calibration,
  • excellent charge acceptance due to the use of carbon graphite additives,
  • much better performance parameters in terms of partial charge and deep discharge in comparison with traditional lead-acid batteries,
  • extended cyclic life thanks to innovative seasoning technology that improves the adhesiveness of electrode materials,
  • increased starting ability.